Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Purse Tag

My daughter tagged me to reveal the contents of my purse. As you can see, my purse is a very plain, brown, quite boring purse. Nothing like my daughters have. I have probably owned it for ten or more years.

Here is a view of the purse "fully loaded". It has three pockets to store things.

The front pocket holds my sunglasses and three keyrings - one for the keys to my car, the house and the mailbox, a second with the keys to my husband's car, the third is the key to my parent's home. I keep them all in my purse because I will then know where they are, and because I never know when Doug may want to trade cars in the middle of the day while I'm at work.

The next pocket holds my planner (a glorified address book since I really don't have much to put on a calendar), a notebook, a list of my co-workers, my work nametag and a lotion and Tide stain stick (in a baggie from the last time I went on a plane), and a band-aid.

The back pocket usually holds my wallet (with driver's license, various cards, and sometimes even money. The checkbook is there too. Various beauty aides - lipstick, lipgloss, toothpicks (cool plastic ones-the green and white item on the right) and medicines.

As I said before, pretty boring. Usually pretty organized, sometimes a spare receipt or two floating around, but she caught me on a good day.


scrap chair potato said...

Is that the same pen you have had with your check book for years? I thought it was long gone by now.

gma dibb said...

Same pen, brought back to life with a refill!

Nana J said...

Unbelievable! I now know someone who uses all the pockets in a purse effectively!