Monday, November 1, 2010


It seems that I have gotten behind in my blogging about our car/truck purchases.

# 123 Doug started having major issues with his back. He went to physical therapy and had some injections in his back for the pain. It got somewhat better, but still didn't go away -- so he traded in the pick-up he was driving. He realized that he couldn't put the seat back far enough with the normal cab to be as comfortable as he thought he could. He, therefore, replaced the truck with a Ford Taurus in April. He really likes it. It is a new style for the Taurus. His back rarely gives him trouble now. Hope it stays that way.

In July, while Kimberlie and Scott were visiting, they made the decision to replace their van which was getting up in miles. They drove a few different cars and decided they liked the Ford Freestyle. We happened to have one at our house, so they drove our Freestyle home to Indiana. We tried out a number of cars and finally decided on a Ford Escape for #124 . I really enjoy driving it. It steers very easily and is easy to get in and out of, an important thing at my age.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Goodbye, Old Blue

Doug decided he wanted a truck to drive so he would be more comfortable driving around (a common theme?). He settled on a 2009 GMC Sierra pick-up. As part of this purchase he planned to trade in #100, Old Blue. Our boys were so upset! John decided to buy it from us, and reports that his sons love riding in 'grandpa's truck'. We are glad the truck is still in the family.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Another blue car....

Doug went on a business trip to Arizona this week and bought a car while he was there. He has been looking for something with more comfortable seats for a few months, and he found a Ford Freestyle that was valued the same as our trade (the Explorer). I am excited, because I loved the Freestyle we had before. This one (car number 121) is dark blue. So we now have three vehicles, all different shades of blue!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Out with the white, in with the blue ...

Car number 120 is a blue Ford Focus. We decided it would be a good idea to have one of our cars be a little better on gas consumption because Doug will be traveling more again soon. We decided to replace the Freestyle, which was a hard decision for me, because I have really enjoyed that car.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Purse Tag

My daughter tagged me to reveal the contents of my purse. As you can see, my purse is a very plain, brown, quite boring purse. Nothing like my daughters have. I have probably owned it for ten or more years.

Here is a view of the purse "fully loaded". It has three pockets to store things.

The front pocket holds my sunglasses and three keyrings - one for the keys to my car, the house and the mailbox, a second with the keys to my husband's car, the third is the key to my parent's home. I keep them all in my purse because I will then know where they are, and because I never know when Doug may want to trade cars in the middle of the day while I'm at work.

The next pocket holds my planner (a glorified address book since I really don't have much to put on a calendar), a notebook, a list of my co-workers, my work nametag and a lotion and Tide stain stick (in a baggie from the last time I went on a plane), and a band-aid.

The back pocket usually holds my wallet (with driver's license, various cards, and sometimes even money. The checkbook is there too. Various beauty aides - lipstick, lipgloss, toothpicks (cool plastic ones-the green and white item on the right) and medicines.

As I said before, pretty boring. Usually pretty organized, sometimes a spare receipt or two floating around, but she caught me on a good day.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Let's go exploring

After a few days of looking for a different car (or truck) Doug has made a new purchase (again). I suppose because I gave him a bad time about number 118 (the surprising me part) he showed me the vehicles he was considering this time. He settled on a sort of candy apple red 2007 Ford Explorer. I have waited for a week or so to make this announcement so as not to have to retract my entry as soon as it is made. ;) Doug has already made a trip to Salt Lake in it. The funniest thing about this is that our neighbor across the street came over and told Doug that she had dreamed the night before we bought the Explorer that we bought a red car. I need to keep in closer touch with her!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What to do ...

So.... Doug left for Salt Lake this morning driving the Escape. He stopped at a couple of places along the way, then stopped for gas. To his dismay he only got 14 mpg in the 4 cylinder vehicle that is rated much higher. He called the place of purchase and was told that they had had that problem with a couple of Escapes and he could return it. There was a small problem though. They may have his car sold. He headed back to Mesquite and was able to get his car back.
Now, do I count it on our list or remove it? We did have a contract of sale and it was in our possession for about 24 hours. What to do, what to do??