Monday, November 1, 2010


It seems that I have gotten behind in my blogging about our car/truck purchases.

# 123 Doug started having major issues with his back. He went to physical therapy and had some injections in his back for the pain. It got somewhat better, but still didn't go away -- so he traded in the pick-up he was driving. He realized that he couldn't put the seat back far enough with the normal cab to be as comfortable as he thought he could. He, therefore, replaced the truck with a Ford Taurus in April. He really likes it. It is a new style for the Taurus. His back rarely gives him trouble now. Hope it stays that way.

In July, while Kimberlie and Scott were visiting, they made the decision to replace their van which was getting up in miles. They drove a few different cars and decided they liked the Ford Freestyle. We happened to have one at our house, so they drove our Freestyle home to Indiana. We tried out a number of cars and finally decided on a Ford Escape for #124 . I really enjoy driving it. It steers very easily and is easy to get in and out of, an important thing at my age.